Grand D Engineering

Companiy with limited liability for trade, production, cooperation and engineering tasks Grand D Engineering, Petar Kocic bb. The company was founded in 1990 and since Tade is constantly evolving to now mastered the technology of copper processing copper wire to produce from it I have become a leading manufacturer of copper wires 8, 12, 16 and 20mm in Serbia.

Company Grand D Engineering Pine strives to provide our partners and provide consumers with a quality product in a professional manner respecting the standards of quality and ecology. Our aim is that in future remain market leaders in the production of copper wire, metallic conductors, cables and profiles, improving sales by conquering new markets and strengthen relationships with partners. Production capacities Grand Engineering Bor are 12,000 tons of copper wire, 5,000 tons of flexible cables, 2,500 tons of copper profiles and 5,000 tons of cables. Production facilities are located in Bor, in eastern Serbia, 245 km from Belgrade. There are 85 employees with constant care of their standard and safety at work. Product quality is controlled from the entrance of the main raw material (copper cathodes) until shipped finished products with constant investment in test equipment and the same level of confidence.

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Grand D Engineering
Petra Kocica bb
19210 Bor

CEO: Dragan Zhivkovich
Phone: +381 30 457 620
Mobile: +381 63 4 0000 9

Phone 1: +381 62 289 378
Phone 2: +381 62 289 379