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George Orwell

Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Publisher: © 1960 Gallimard, FR, Paris.

Original: »Et Vive L'Aspidistra!«.

Translated: by Yvonne Davet.

The first French edition

By Daniel J. Leab:

Orwell's reputation grew substantially after his death, and even such once-ignored works as Keep the Aspidistra Flying appeared in translation. At the time of its original publication little interest had been shown in Orwell's writing. The tide turned rapidly after 1950. The French publisher Gallimard, noted for its publication of modern literature, published over the years various works by Orwell. During his lifetime he had worked closely with Yvonne Davet on this and other translations of his work. A long-time secretary to the distinguished French writer Andre Gide, Mme. Davet, according to Davison, “was honoured by the Academie Francaise for her translations... from English into French.”

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