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George Orwell

A Collection of Essays by George Orwell

Publisher: © 1954 Doubleday and Company Inc., USA, Garden City, New York.

Print-run: 7,000 copies.


A Collection of Essays by George Orwell, 1954
Shooting an Elephant, 1936
Such, Such Were the Joys, 1947
Charles Dickens, 1939
The Art of Donald McGill, 1941
Rudyard Kipling, 1942
Raffles and Miss Blandish, 1944
Politics and the English Language, 1946
Reflections on Gandhi, 1949
Marrakech, 1939
Looking Back on the Spanish War, 1943
Inside the Whale, 1940
England Your England, 1941
Boys' Weeklies, 1940
Why I Write, 1946